Hey girl, do you want to make some noise?! Workshop DIY electronics

Initiative ČIPke will be occupying Loka Castle with noise experimentation and analog electronic music. Participants will learn how to solder electronic circuits and gain knowledge about components that form analog music instruments. They will solder one more DIY instruments from DIY audiovisual community Theremidi Orchestra  (TouchTone, touch sound synthesizer; MicroNoise, oscillator; Super-in-Low, low frequency oscillator). In the second part of the workshop participants will test the instruments and create a group soundscape for 12-minut improvisation. Mentors will be Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip), Tina Dolinšek (Theremidi Orchestra), Staša Guček (Kikimore).

DATE: 7. October 2017, from 15. to 22.30h
LECTURE: Kathy Rae Huffman, in cooperation with International Festival of Computer Art  (MFRU)
MUSIC PERFORMANCE: 20.30 -22.30 participants of the workshop, Kikimore, Kikiriki
LOCATION: Loka Castle Museum, Škofja Loka
LANGUAGE: Slovenian, if necessary English

Participation on the workshop is free. You do not need any previous knowledge to join ČIPke workshops, only a curious eye, ear and eager fingers. All the materials needed for the workshop will be provided for.  The environment will be kind to any questions regarding electronics, programming, etc, even the most basic ones. Number of places is limited, application is possible through email: until 29.9.2017.

Workshop is organized in co-production with @LJUDMILA.

We will continue at 19h with a  lecture about network trust by Kathy Rae Hoffman. We will discuss about history of intermedia and computer art, the condition of women in the field and the 30th anniversary of the foundation of network Faces list. The lecture is organized in collaboration with International Festival of Computer Arts in Maribor.

The evening will finish with three performances with the introduction of soundscapes. First performance will be by participants of the workshop, later Nina Farič aka Kikiriki who is creating noise music already for many years, and last but not least young noise collective Kikimore.

Project is supported by  Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.