Strands, the annual exhibition of ČIPke, has an open concept. Works and activities that that will be showcased are the results of the workshops and independent work, which we’ve knitted in the past year in the process of learning open source program and machine tools. The basis for the workshops, which are organized within Initiative Čipke, is a non-consumer logic and use of the technology when creating artistic and other video-audio works.

strands plural n. electronics: she soldered all the cables on a PCB in a strand; be careful not to etch the paths on PCB too closely to prevent the elements joining into a strand; where have you put that strand of extension cords;

Participants of workshops, which were based on the use of open source programs, open source mechanical equipment and biochemical processes, designed individual and group installations and performances. On the exhibition Strands they will represent the outcomes of Open Lab.

LOCATION: Vivarium, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana
OPENING: Monday, 8. December 2017 at 19h 
PARTICIPANTS: Lavoslava Benčić, Lavoslava Benčić & Špela Gale, Staša Guček, Linda Ogrizek, Tjaša Avsec and participants of workshop RemixID with mentors (Lavoslava Benčić, Salvatore Iaconesi, Lea Jazbec, Tatiana Kocmur, Milijana Komad, Ivana Osećanski Despić, Oriana Persico, Jatun Risba, Jana Šefic Globokar).
PERFORMANCE: Monday, 8. December 2017 at 21 h: Kikimore (Kati Flowerfields, Staša Guček, Sara Mlakar, Nina Orlić, Sara Pegam, Barbara Poček), sound performance
CURATORS: Saša Spačal and Ida Hiršenfelder.
PRODUCERS: Urška Spitzer, Petra Milić
COVER PHOTO: Lea Jazbec, workshop RemixID


  • Random Thoughts, Lavoslava Benčić & Špela Gale, interactive tapestry
  • Cicada Orchestra, Staša Guček, DIY instrumensts
  • Textile from Bacteria: Linda Ogrizek, bacterial installation
  • Sound Outside, Pattern Inside, Tjaša Avsec, e-textile
  • Glow White and the Seven Syns: mentors: Lavoslava Benčić in Peter Purg; participants: Kaja Horvat, Larisa Nagode, Josipa Škrapić, Anja Resman, Tiziano Biagi, Elisabetta Gessi, Maruša Šošterič, Soham Goswami, video: Daša Sirk, DIY electronics, Academy of Art, University of Nova Gorica
  • Biking e-textile Glove: mentor: Lavoslava Benčić; additional mentor: Urška Spitzer, participants: Majda Jurkovič, Tea Pirih, Sanja Hrvačanin, Patricija Stariha, Nastja Ambrožič, Maja Bizjak, Qëndresë Deda, Jatun Risba, photo: Hana Jošič, Katja Goljat, DIY electronics
  • RemixID in Ljubljana – Composition: Lavoslava Benčić, Salvatore Iaconesi, Lea Jazbec, Tatiana Kocmur, Milijana Komad, Ivana Osećanski Despić, Oriana Persico, Jatun Risba, Jana Šefic Globokar, DIY electronics



Monday, 18. December 2017 at 20. uri, RAMPA Lab

After the opening of the exhibition Strands two artists will represent their work in Rampa Lab  Anja Podreka with work Circiling and Jatun Risba with work MRI MS_Vanitas. Life in motion.

Anja Podreka
Collaborators: Kristijan Tkalec, Simon Gmajner, Gregor Treska (Biotechnical Faculty  Ljubljana, Department for microbiology and biology), Miha Petelinek, Aleš Koletnik, Dea Govc-Pušnik

Project is based on the research of he circulation of matter or transpiration as “universal system” which is active on macro and micro level. Transpiration enables flow of nutrients from the roots to the higher parts of the plant, in the same way evaporation of fresh and seawater is the primary mechanism of the earth water system. Therefore the circiling of water (the source of life for all  organisms) is running through a specific system or pattern; fractal pattern of the vascular system which was the initial inspiration of the project.

Jatun Risba
MRI MS_Vanitas. Life in motion
Technical assistant: Franci Kopač

‘MRI MS_Vanitas. Life in motion’ is the final impletation of the project MRI MS. My Regular Imaging of Multiple Self. It is conceived as an interactive spatial installation with different tools and object for observing and understanding the world.


In the past year Initiative ČIPke held numerous workshops in the premises of Rampa Lab and as well other festivals, galleries and museums.

  • Electronic patchworking_electronic fashion accessory, workshop, mentor: Lavoslava Benčić, RAMPA Lab, 8. March 2017
  • Laser cutter, workshop, mentor: Tanja Gawish, RAMPA Lab, 13.–21. March 2017
  • Modular synthesizer, workshop, mentor: Jessica Kert, workshop, RAMPA Lab, 3. – 5. April 2017
  • Noisy jacket, workshop, mentor: Constanza Piña, delavnica, RAMPA Lab, 15.–16. May 2017
  • Noise box, workshop, mentor: Staša Guček, RAMPA Lab, 5.–6. June 2017
  • Soil tasting, mentors: Saša Spačal and  Mirjan Švagelj, RAMPA Lab, 13. June 2017
  • Interactive glove, workshop, mentor: Lavoslava Benčić, Mini Maker Faire Trieste, 16. September 2017
  • Mini festival synth day, Castle in Škofja Loka, mentors: Staša Guček and Ida Hiršenfelder, performance: participants of the workshop, Kikiriki in Kikimore, Loški muzej, 7. October 2017
  • Biking glove, workshop, mentor: Lavoslava Benčić, RAMPA Lab, 23. September 2017
  • RemixID, mentors: Oriana Persico in Salvatore Iaconesi, 3.–6. December 2017

Č I P k e – initiative for encouragement women in scientific-technological professions and media art will show case results of activities the last year. ČIPke are opening a space for conversation about women working in these fields and to organise practical educational program including various workshops on electronics, robotics, open source programing, and the usage of open source programs for graphical design, video editing, sound synthesis.