Project Sister’s Lab started in 2016 and its main goals were international exchange of trainers and mentors, aimed on designing sustainable transdisciplinary activities for transferring knowledge in the field of art and technology. The project builds on promoting gender equality through Do It Together workshops to empower women through mutual learning and teaching.

Project was designed by Simon Gmajner from Institute Kersnikova in Ljubljana and Gülcan Kilic from Mardin Cultural Association in Turkey as a spin-off of Initiative ČIPke (as a part of RAMPA Lab, Institute Kersnikova). Girls from 10 to 16 years old were mentored by an experienced member of the Initiative Sara Šabjan who carried out different workshops (programming with Arduino, light responsive brooches and making useful devices with electromotors). After the workshops, which lasted for several days, three girls with a sense for working with technology and eager to aquire mentoring skills were intergrated in a progressive mentoring program at a maker space in Istanbul. Sara lead them through various approaches of sharing knowledge and skills. Each girl had to prepare her own workshop for their classmates or younger students.

Young mentors continued with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and DITO (Do-It-Together) activities and with the support of directorate for education, Sabanci Foundation, NASA, as well Gülcan Kilic and Sara Šabjan by their side, upgraded the project which now joins 65 girls – that is three times more than on the beginning of the project in 2016.

Video presentation of the project Sister’s Lab

DIY Synth video, mentor Efrin Basak Emer

Supportes of the project Sister’s Lab:

Tandem Turkey Programme (European Cultural Foundation, MitOst, Anadolu Kültür, Stiftung Mercator)

DITOs (European Commission Horizon 2020)

Sabancı Foundation

Zavod Kersnikova