Isabel Burr Raty: Bio-autonomous Female Farming / exhibition [28.september-30.october 2020]

Beauty Kit (BK) eco-erogenous para-pharmaceutics is a hands-on research on the human body as a territory for sustainable agriculture that offers an alternative to the ecological catastrophe and multi-species extinction we are living in. This exhibition displays the farming technologies and prototypes of cosmetics & wellbeing bio-products manufactured with female erotic juices harvested in the BK Female Farms in Portugal and Amsterdam 2018-2019, which are tested by the public in the BK Spa.

Isabel Burr Raty is an artist and filmmaker interested in exploring the interstices between the organic and the artificial, between the unlicensed knowledge of minority groups and the dominant narratives. She teaches Media Art History in École de Recherche Graphique and is researcher in nadine-WAB IV Brussels. In 2018-2019 she was granted a bio-art & design deal by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, which partnered her to The Waag and Mediamatic; and in 2019-2020 she is a jury member in Autonomous Design at Kask Guent. Her artworks intertwine performance and new media installation, inviting audiences to queer fixed categories of production understandings, and experience the benefits of embodying SF in real time, such as the Beauty Kit Female Farm. Her works and collaborations have been shown internationally, ie: Palais de Tokyo Paris, Royal Flemish Theater, ISEA Hong Kong, Eco-Futures London. With the support of Media fund, Isabel is developing her second film, exposing the impact of colonialism on Easter Island’s Rapa Nui people.