Č I P k e are eager to answer any questions you may have and very thrilled about any suggestions, new tasks and possible collaborations. We are looking forward to creative solutions and new ventures to knit a new patchwork of mutual interests with a bit smile full of a desire for learning and absorbing skills. If you wish to lace your way through electronics and programming, please do contact us.

ČIPke home base is Rampa Lab at Kersnikova 4 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Produced by Kersnikova Association.

ČIPke community is nurtured by Saša SpačalIda Hiršenfelder and Staša Guček in Rampa Lab, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana with the support of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana.

Ida Hiršenfelder:
Saša Spačal:

For workshop applications:

You are also very welcome to join us in our FB group Č I P k e.

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