documentary film

ČIPke set on a quest to shoot a research documentary film Flow about the situation of women who work in scientific, technical and media art context. We are exploring the working conditions and modes of communication in fields of work which are dominated by male workers.

Patchwork conducted by: Ida Hiršenfelder, Saša Spačal, Ana Čigon.

Speakers [from top left to right, from top to bottom]: programer Alja Isaković, media artist Maja Smrekar, radio sound technician Sofija Leron alias Kaktus Kaktus, paleontologist PhD. Dragica Turnšek, classical music composer Larisa Vrhunc, expert on artificial intelligence PhD. Dunja Mladenić, pilot Alja Berčič,product manager and programmer dr. Mateja Verlič.



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